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The only Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) certified one way keg in Canada


Available in 15L, 20L and 30L

Lightweight, easy to handle, lower shipping costs

  • 90% lighter than steel kegs

  • No costs due to keg losses

  • Achieve up to 40% savings on logistics

A clean fill every time

  • No concerns of filling a dirty or unsterilised steel keg

  • No need for washing or sanitisation, eliminating equipment and utility costs

  • Comes pressurized with medical grade nitrogen

Low or no investment in filling solutions

  • Available with Sanke A, D or S spear

  • Get started in the draught market with a manual filling head

  • Semi-automatic equipment with up to 20 kegs/hour output

Export to new markets

  • Helping brands overcome the challenges of long distances and low keg rotation

  • Saving the cost of transporting empty kegs back to the producer

It is recyclable!

  • Easy to disassemble and dispose after use

  • Recyclable keg aand chimes made of recycled PP material

  • Reusable chimes

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